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Elite understands we are guests in your home.  Anytime you have work done in your home, your current way of life is disrupted.  We make the extra effort to make this as easy as possible.  When we leave it is our goal not only to make your home more beautiful, but have you smiling when you close the door.

We offer daily communication on progress of jobs and can send pictures allowing you to see the progress.

Your happiness is our highest priority.


A new coat of paint can brighten up a room or change the look of an entire house. Painting is one of the best cost effective ways to improve your home.

Interior House Painting

We believe the best way to achieve this is to follow a system.  We follow a 5 step process when we enter your home.

  • Set-up - Elite removes all wall decorations, move all furniture to center of room, and remove all wall plates
  • Cover - Cover room furniture with plastic, spread drop clothes and rosin paper around entire room to ensure that paint remains where it should.
  • Prep -  Elite plasters cracks, nail holes and other imperfections of walls and ceilings, de-gloss any trim we are painting, caulk gaps between walls and trim
  • Paint – prime all new work, then paint contracted areas two coats of paint except ceilings unless specified differently in our contract
  • Restore - Rooms are returned to existing state, floors/carpet are swept and vacuumed, debris is put in our garbage bags.

Exterior House Painting

Elite exterior painting offers a 4 step process to give you an elite paint job.

  • Power Wash -The first day, Elite power washes your home.  This will remove dirt and mildew.  If there paint is peeling it will also remove some of the paint.  We then allow the house to dry.  Depending on the weather this can be 24-72 hrs.
  • Surface Prep - Drop clothes on the ground to help collect the most paint chips.  Scrape loose and failing paint, wood putty to fill small holes.  If there are large holes that were not noticed during first walk through they will be addressed during this time with homeowner.  Gaps are caulked to seal exterior from the elements. We offer a special process to strip paint and restore older homes.  See video right > 
  • Paint  – Two coats of Ben Moore or Sherwin Williams paint.  This gives your                           home the durability it needs and will give a clean consistent finish.  All bare wood is painted first with oil base primer.
  • Clean – Clean paint chips and other debris from work site with our garbage bags. Remove equipment. You now have a beautifully painted home.

Hardwood Floors & Tile

Hardwood Flooring
Sand & Finish • Restoration & Repair • Installation

Elite can revive your kitchen with a backsplash make over. Let us spruce up your bathroom room with some new tile.
Bathrooms • Foyers • Kitchen Backsplash • Fireplace Hearth

  • Installation of ceramic, glass, porcelain tile and natural stone
  • Re-Grout


  • Basement & Attic Remodeling - We bring unused space back to life.  Basements & attics are the best way to add space and value to your home.  
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling


Elite can create new rooms or fix the walls that currently exist.

  • New drywall installation
  • Skim coat over textured or cracked walls

Other Services

  • Window washing,
  • Gutter cleaning,
  • Deck and power washing
  • Home inspection repairs
  • Handyman Services